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access to readable, explorable, local data is a profoundly unmet need in our communities
Time is hard enough
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#0 Nothing worth computing happened before Jan 1 1970
data on a plane
time component
#1 the tools you work with should take care of that for you
yes, tools CAN handle time
we must be intentional in how we use them
#2 to add time to geographic data, just add a time field or column
#2.50 <aside> Timelines move from left to right.
Do you know your birthday?
#3 Time is precise yeah?
once collected, your time-enabled data will have a uniform level of precision
#4 Events in time are instantanious
Beginnings and endings are often processes, not instantaneous events
Rome wasn't build in a day
entities have a finite existence, a beginning and an end
#5 Time runs on a continuous scale
#6 organizing information: determining what makes an instance unique within each entity type
#7 we already know what we're doing. we figured out time years ago. that's why we have standards
significant disconnect between data model and user knowledge
we're still figuring it out.
let's talk about it
Visualization of Time-Oriented Data(Human-Computer Interaction Series)
Data and Reality: A Timeless Perspective on Perceiving and Managing Information in Our Imprecise World